Bluehost MX Records with Remote Email Routing

I managed to get email working again on Bluehost for a client who contacted me this morning with no incoming email. Actually, he found the proper instruction, as I looked toward a different area of the same help document.

The symptom arrived: Email messages sent to undeliverable, the MTA-record showed the IP for the website, and email gets hosted on another server.

I removed the wildcard record * from the ‘A Records’ thinking perhaps it somehow superseded the MX record. When that didn’t immediately work, I listed a host of options and contacted Bluehost on behalf of the client, thinking that remote email routing needed to get enabled on the particular account.

While in chat the client contacted me, saying things appeared to work now. I ended the chat, whereupon he informed me that he had added an @ record for the MX section of the DNS entries.

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