Site Owners: Hire Me to Host, Publish, and Maintain Your Website

I excel at providing expert level service at a reasonable price. Please take a moment to read about the level of service I provide for my existing clients, and the ways in which they rely on me to maintain their web sites.

Managed Hosting from MicroMajor

All client sites are deployed on state of the art VPS installations. Vultr gets my referral for the best current VPS provider. I encourage my clients to drop 3rd party hosting providers such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, etc. These companies no longer offer the combination of quality infrastructure and customer service required for modern deployments. Instead, consider moving your site by taking advantage of my tech-savvy.

Together we will decide if your site can get hosted along with other client sites, or requires a dedicated server all to its own. Either way, you get personalized care from me in a way that even the most outrageously priced managed server plans do not afford.

Web Publishing for Site Owners

Whatever decision you face regarding web publishing, just know that I continue to stand with you in providing the most up-to-date how-to. In addition to my related-experience, I also offer a suite of publishing skills.

Let my past experience and skill work for you. Current clients rely on me to digitally amplify their message as we syndicate to the global audience. You will work with me personally to move drafts to final versions with all that entails.

Careful Qualified Maintenance

Trust that you can count on me to make revisions to your current website without disaster. I’ve never lost a website, thanks to the power of careful and consistent backups. Even if the entire server just vanishes, I can get a new server up and your site back online in only a couple hours. You can’t find service like that from corporations mired in bureaucracy, you need freelance individuals who are honest and excel at what they do.

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