Do you need help getting your website SSL-secured?

Do you need help getting your website SSL-secured?

Even my most technically savvy clients prefer me to handle their SSL installation. I’ve got the familiarity to get your site secured rapidly and affordably with minimal hassle. Each site is a little different, so we need to confer about the specifics, but please contact me remembering to include “help with SSL cert” in the subject line to help fight spam! I provide references on request so that you can feel 100% confident about my work.

First, what exactly is SSL and what does it do?

SSL is that little green, sometimes gray lock in the top-left of your browser bar where the address goes. While most people may gaze right by it, the SSL lock reassures visitors that their personal information is safe, and the lack of an SSL-secured symbol, may trigger browser alarms and influence visitors to avoid your content altogether. We don’t want that, and getting your site properly SSL-secured should remain a priority for everyone.

While you don’t technically require an SSL-secured connection to publish your website to the world, it’s become an absolute requirement for another reason…privacy fears. Ever since consumers learned the careless ways in which their personal information gets handled by large firms, there’s been a rush to SSL secure every part of the web.

When should you buy an SSL certificate?

Most people can add SSL security to their website for $10/year! I enjoy using the FREE certificates available at, but you need some technical expertise to get them installed. That’s where I come in, with the computer savvy to save the day or at least get you pointed toward a solution.

When would I need a more expensive SSL?

If you need to secure subdomains, like AND then you’ll require what’s called a ‘wildcard’ SSL. About the cheapest one I could find is about $55/yr from Comodo and will work nicely. For most simple sites you do not need a wildcard SSL. I suppose if you’ve just got money to burn, then some SSL providers are more well-known, but the prices seem outrageous to me.

Why would you want to hire me to get this taken care of for you?

Hiring me to install your SSL certificate means you’ll get the most affordable deal available just short of doing it yourself. I’ll recommend the correct certificate for your enterprise, and if we can use a freely available cert from let’s encrypt we will. I’ll also check with your hosting provider for affordable options, but most hosting providers offer inflated prices, and will not install it for you! Please contact me to discuss your current situation, and find out how I can get your site SSL-secured.

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