3D Printing A Respirator – Part II – Print Ready Models

Over the last week, a plethora of designs for 3D printing a respirator cascaded into the blogosphere. Please have a look at my collection of available, print-ready models.  For further reading, please check out part I of this article. I’m currently adding a spreadsheet here to increase efficiency.

Elevons Respiratorhttp://jordanpelovitz.com/elevons-covid-19-respirator/yes
Billings Clinichttps://www.billingsclinic.com/foundation/3d-printed-surgical-mask/yes
Vader conversionhttps://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-corona-covid-19-mask-darth-vader-star-wars-no-need-for-support-115443

Elevons Respirator –

elevons respiratorhttp://jordanpelovitz.com/elevons-covid-19-respirator/ – Elevons respirator is a dual-filter design, which I printed in about 5 hours.  Unfortunately, the respirator does not provide me with a hermetic seal.  Drawing air in through filters requires a hermetic seal, which means no leaks.  While this mask may work for some, it didn’t work for me.  The quality of the modelling in this design looks very professional, and harmonious.  It performs well during print, and provides a sturdy end product.  If the the seal could get improved, it would definitely be worth revisiting.

Billings Clinic Respirator –

3D printed respirator

https://www.billingsclinic.com/foundation/3d-printed-surgical-mask/ – This story comes out of Montana, with an effort spearheaded by Dr. Dusty Richardson at the Billings Clinic.  They have source files available and instructions, with an in-depth write up.  UPDATE: I printed one of these up, and it didn’t fit great.  I will revisit this design later, but for now it doesn’t seem feasible to fit universally.  Still the housing seems very sturdy and the print goes by relatively quickly at 3.5 hours.  This mask has a lot of promise if the fit improves.  With only one filter, you will require a very breathable filter material, or the air flow will feel restricted.

3Drenders app for 3D printed coronavirus gear

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kXR0oOvdy2rVdrikFu8PWgCwcrKGRho1jy-caoBQ-TI/edit?usp=sharing – Shared Google Sheet that shows several 3D printed concepts for a broad-range approach to fighting Coronavirus, including ventilator valves and some devices for operating doors without touching the doorknob or door handle.  There’s also an app designed to catalog products and track medical requests to go along with the spreadsheet available at https://3drenders.glideapp.io

3M Mask Respirator Plug 3D Printed

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4145742 – 3M 7502 Cover.  This thingiverse item plugs one of the holes on a dual-filter respirator from 3M.  It took me about an hour to print one out, and I’ve got some feedback after a little testing.  The plug fit was a little too tight in my opinion, and can benefit from a little sanding on the bottom to make the material on the base a bit thinner.  After having used the dual-filter mask extensively, using only one filter felt restrictive.  Still, in an emergency I would rather a single-filter, than nothing at all.  I used the single-filter mask with the 3D printed plug, and washed my car, which is light aerobic activity.  So, I think it would work to help extend the supply of available filters, but two-filters remain optimal for any serious exertion.


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