Would a Skill Tree Work for a Resume?

A neat idea came to me the other day, what if we took skill tree icons from a game, dissected them, and then used them for IRL applications, like resumes? For instance, one could arrange a little map of abilities that efficiently communicates one’s skill range to prospects and not only that, it would map out your areas of interest visually. A visual map of skills would help managers quickly assess your placement potential as compared to a legacy type-only resume. 

A skill-tree not only shows current skills, but implies a direction of skill study going forward into the future.  Understanding those skills, that you aspire to learn, gives more information than just an accumulation of current knowledge. The framework of how the nodes relate offers critical context and indicates where your future interests will lead.  Certainly this must help employers make the decision to hire you.

Since the time of the original Dungeon’s & Dragons, character skills play a primary role in shaping the RPG narrative. What would it look like if I arranged a character portrait and then listed my skills as RPG stats? Photoshop modifier +5 to graphical skill.

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