Would a Skill Tree Work for a Resume?

June 19, 2019
video game skill tree

Here’s a cool idea I happened upon the other day, what if we took skill tree icons from a game, dissected them, and then used them for IRL applications? For instance, one could arrange a little map of abilities that efficiently communicates one’s skill range to prospects and not only that, it would map out your areas of interest. Understanding those skills, that you aspire to learn, gives more information than just an accumulation of current knowledge. The framework of how the nodes relate offers critical context and indicates where your future interests will lead.

While soliciting one client for work recently, he requested information about the “arrows in my quiver.” I do consider myself at least 1/2 elf, so this made sense. Also, as a jack of all trades, I probably could list out a ton of different skills, but would they interest this particular client? What if he just stops reading after the first paragraph? I began to wonder what the solution might look like. I often turn to the video game industry to solve incentive based challenges.

A video game style skill tree would not only communicate my current skills with adorable icons but also indicate where my interests lie. that sounds like the recipe for success, so we continue.

Since the time of the original Dungeon’s & Dragons, character skills play a primary role in shaping the RPG narrative. Art imitates life, life imitates art, and I always enjoy an opportunity to ferry fantastic concepts back to the mundane. What would it look like if I arranged a character portrait and then listed my skills as RPG stats? Photoshop modifier +5 to graphical skill. Visuals already start popping into mind. We definitely need to give this a go, but first! We must design from the last step to the first step (design in reverse) and also some cursory research.

Step 1: Spreadsheet A: Plan backwards from winning work with a skill-tree graphical resume.

This step looks pretty straight forward, I’ll get this done, and post the results shortly.