COVID-19 Coronovirus Disease Online Pandemic Tracking and Info

Under construction; Latest Update 3-8-2020 08:28 pm est.

Understanding Exponential Growth during a Pandemic

Pandemic Prediction and Tracking Resources – predictive modelling to estimate total infections for the next day.  Indicates deviation from actual totals.  Based of the data. – John Hopkins pandemic overlay.  I found this map to rapidly update in near real-time.  The Nashville case passed through the twitter feed, and then appeared on the overlay within an hour. – CONUS only, pandemic overlay.  Good for identifying US hot-zones if testing ever gets up and running.  –
Coronavirus numbers by State.  This is a spreadsheet of testing results collated from various sources. – started tracking coronavirus near the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan.  Offers up-to-date information and linked resourced. – This is a google sheet with real-time data – extensive data and comprehensive explanation including a note about exponential growth bias.

Social Media Resources, and a cautionary word.  Information over social media can get delivered more quickly, but also contains a majority of unrelated material, and potentially misleading information, or politically biased misinformation.  One should never rely on social media as a direct source, but instead verify the information through additional reputable sources first.

Mask Hysteria

I’m working on it folks.  An OpenSource 3d printable respirator is on the way. Here’s some more thorough advice than they’re giving you.

Isolate now, as much as possible.

Don’t lick your lips, or rub your eyes.

You know how to wash your dang hands already.

Eye sockets are susceptible to viral infections so protect them from aerosol exposure with goggles.

Clean under your fingernails, carefully as to not damage your skin.

Wear protective latex or vinyl gloves when handling contaminated items.

Dress any superficial wounds with antibiotic and band-aid as usual to prevent infection in cuts.

Shower before you go out, and after you return.

Consider shaving your head, or restraining lose hair.

Don’t lick your lips, or rub your eyes.

Use a little bleach to sterilize clothes in the wash.

Avoid re-using contaminated rags, and wearing contaminated clothing.

Avoid contacting contaminated surfaces.

Dispose of your wallet and use a zip-lock bag to contain your credit cards, and put your cash in an envelope.

Wipe your phone down with a bleach-water-soap combination or alcohol (careful 91% rubbing alcohol can melt some plastics, test first)

Create a personalized cleaning procedure, and take extra caution when cleaning!  You’re potentially cleaning a bio-hazard, you don’t want it smearing around everywhere!


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