Site Owners: Hire Me to Host, Publish, and Maintain Your Website

June 26, 2019

I excel at providing expert level service at a reasonable price. Please take a moment to read about the level of service I provide for my existing clients, and the ways in which they rely on me to maintain their web sites. Managed Hosting from MicroMajor All client sites are deployed on state of the …Read More

video game skill tree

Would a Skill Tree Work for a Resume?

June 19, 2019

Here’s a cool idea I happened upon the other day, what if we took skill tree icons from a game, dissected them, and then used them for IRL applications? For instance, one could arrange a little map of abilities that efficiently communicates one’s skill range to prospects and not only that, it would map out …Read More

Working With WordPress, Requires Some PHP Skill

June 15, 2019

Come to grips with the basic operation of the PHP language, and get a leg up on the competition, when working with WordPress template files. WordPress renders from template files in a certain order, based on the filename. This type of override can lead to high search times when attempting to locate the specific template …Read More

Spell Test Your Domain Names IRL First

June 13, 2019

Finding the right domain name can result in a time-consuming process. One could easily waste days typing their favorite word combinations into the browser bar. Any spreadsheet app can organize the nomination process making things at least manageable, but eventually choosing just one, final domain name can lead to drama, especially with more than one ‘decider ‘ in the room. So, how can we eliminate more candidates to make the decision easier? I’ll give you my top method…test IRL.

MatterPort – Explore 3D Space

June 12, 2019

WordPress now supports MatterPort embeds using a simple shortcode. I thought I would demo it here with the reactor control room from their Library. There’s a lot of potential with MatterPort, but you need a 360 degree camera to capture the space with 4-8% accuracy according to their website. If you want to get down …Read More

Your One-Stop Web Shop

June 12, 2019

Welcome to MicroMajor your one-stop web shop for everything related to hosting and web design. My name is Adam N. and I want to provide your team with outstanding IT consulting. I specialize in affordable hosting and server administration, plus all of the skills necessary to deliver your message on-time and in style.

Putting me to work on your project can proceed quickly. Email me directly through our convenient contact form, and get the ball rolling today.

Vertical Monopoly of Web Tech

MicroMajor can assist you with every facet of modern web marketing. Our clients commonly request procedures that remain just out of their computing skill set. This can involve things as complex as hosting management or simply completing a list of simple web-related tasks, like adding images to written content.

Troubleshooting complex digital systems follows a simple framework of replicating the issue, or comparing log files to locate the source of a malfunction. Every clue might lead to critical insights, so screen shots can really help! If you don’t know how to get setup taking screen shots, I’ll show you my favorite screenshot app on PC PicPick.