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Your One-Stop Web Shop

Your One-Stop Web Shop

Welcome to MicroMajor your one-stop web shop for everything related to hosting and web design. My name is Adam N. and I want to provide your team with outstanding IT consulting. I specialize in...

3D Printing A Respirator – Part II – Print Ready Models 0

3D Printing A Respirator – Part II – Print Ready Models

Over the last 48hrs, more designs appeared online.  I decide to take time and collect the available online resources into one place.  With many people off-work and considering how to prepare for medical shortages, many new ideas appear each day.  Also, existing ideas get refined and updated, so keeping up-to-date with the latest can get challenging.

corona patient transfer in ppe 0

COVID-19 Coronovirus Disease Online Pandemic Tracking and Info

Please find here, a collection of available online resources to aid you in your quest to understand the coronavirus pandemic. This is a new strain of virus, which is highly contagious, so please avoid exposure by increasing personal distancing, and avoiding public areas.

Audio Playback with Development Boards 0

Audio Playback with Development Boards

Development boards of all kinds have now made a well established presence in the consumer market 2020.  Wether you’re fresh on the scene, or a battle hardened nerd, I’ll give you some reliable information....

Concept Art Notes 2019 Q3w02 0

Concept Art Notes 2019 Q3w02

So, I need to break into concept art for pay. I still lack the kind of quality portfolio artwork that would STILL only put me on par with a bunch of other unemployed concept...

video game skill tree 0

Would a Skill Tree Work for a Resume?

A neat idea came to me the other day, what if we took skill tree icons from a game, dissected them, and then used them for IRL applications, like resumes? For instance, one could...